Elite Freeski Coaching


Elite Freeski Coaching


I offer Elite level Freeski coaching in all disciplines. Iโ€™ve worked with many athletes over the years and developed a wealth of technical knowledge to effectively help athletes with a variety of tricks on various axises, doubles and triples.

I run bespoke training designed to achieve the athletes goals. This can be done on a 1-on-1 basis or in a small group environment to ensure each athlete gets the most out of the training.

I offer:

  • Competition Support

  • Training programmes

  • Progression camp coaching

I now run a few options for training with me during the year:

Young Guns

The Young gun group is aimed at talented athletes from 13+ ( Ideally 14) but where we can accommodate we will. The training will geared towards building a strong base skill of the athlete and developing skills to open up good mechanics that we can take in to a variety of axises, working towards good mechanics for doing doubles and progressing further. This group will be heavily training based with some competitions.

Cross Over

This group is designed for those who are moving up, maybe have a few tricks under their belt and are working their way through the FIS/ Continental/Europa cup circuit, chasing points or in need of refining their skills to get better style and results. This group has a good mix of training and competitions where athletes can work on their runs, build new tricks and have time to develop their skiing. This group will have a dedicated coach and work consistently with myself as there will be some cross over between this group and the A team.

The A Team

The A Team is for the guys and girls competing at the top level Europa cups and in to the World cup events. This group is aimed at competitors and those who need to build bigger tricks, refine competition runs, develop new axises, improve their overall game to compete at the highest level.


Very small numbers or 1-on-1 coaching. Specific Trick builds, comp runs and fine tuning.

Main Image courtesy of Camilla Rutherford Photography